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Our election aid. Better with each election.

March 2024: Uri,  October 2023: Federal Elections,  February 2023: ZURICH,  October 2022: Zug,  March 2022: Bern & Waadt,  November 2021: Freiburg,  April 2021: Neuchâtel, October 2020: Basel-Stadt,  March 2020: Uri


Democracy. In your hand.

Need a power tool?

Swipe through the candidates, make your ranking, edit lists with drag & drop, and find out who was elected. Sounds simple? It is!
The CH+App helps you find the candidates that suit you best in an interactive way! You have overviews and correlations at a glance at all times. You can activate the individual functions step by step. Once activated, you can use them at any time to put together your electoral list.

… and wish for new features!

In addition to the election help features, we are working on new features that will allow you to see what is happening in the national parliament.

March 2024: Uri

CH+App v.3.0 2024

Griäzi, after four years we’re back! The CH+App (then Ürner Wahl-Äpp) was used for the first time in Uri. New in this version:

In the „Votes“ overview of the National Council, you can see how the members of the Federal Parliament have voted so far.

OCTOBER 2023: Federal Elections

CH+App v.2.2 2023

The CH+App can be used in all 26 cannons for the first time. The main menu has a new shape and instantly lets you switch between the federal levels.

February 2023: Zurich

CH+App v.2.1 2023

Features for the federal level can now also be used on local accounts. The news feature can be used to read and save news about candidates.


CH+App v.2.0 2022

Hooray, an update is here! In this version, we have implemented the first features for the national level. When you create an ONLINE account, you will find an overview of the members of Parliament, the Federal Council and the Federal Court in a brand new main menu.

March 2022: Bern & Waadt

CH+App v.1.2 2022

In this new version for Bern and Vaud, you can now create a local account to keep all your data on your phone. Cheers to data protection! We have also implemented the „pinning“ feature, which allows you to pin specific information about your best candidates.


CH+App v.1.1 2021

In Fribourg, the CH+App has been given a visual overhaul and is now finally available for download in the app stores.


CH+App v.1.0 2020

We were out and about in Basel-Stadt for the first version of the CH+App. We were joined by the Young Council, Discuss it and the youth app.



The first prototype of our voting aid was online from February to March 2020. More than 200 volunteers tested the voting aid and gave us suggestions for improvements for the next round of development.

Well, are you in?