Democracy. Difficult, but pretty epic.

In PROJEKT CH+, we are developing apps for more transparency in Swiss democracy – together with people from all over Switzerland. In a democracy, everyone benefits when as many people as possible think along, vote and elect. That’s why we want to make political self-education more accessible. With the CH+App, you can instantly get an overview of your political favorites and DOPE Elections is all about the race royale of the candidates!


With the CH+App, we focus on clear overviews and intuitive operation. You can create your political dream team by swiping, dragging and dropping, likes and dislikes.

DOPE Elections

DOPE Elections is… dope. In this election aid, fun comes first. DOPE Elections is for you if you’re not much into politics – yet…

Our two voting aids are currently being expanded into democracy apps that allow you to easily check what is going on in our democracy even outside of ongoing elections. They are both based on the questionnaires from smartvote and the data from

Better from one election to the next

Since the 2019 federal elections, PROJEKT CH+ has been on the road at various cantonal elections to develop the applications: A democratic approach for a democratic project.

After all, it works best when you work together – and preferably across different disciplines. If that sounds good to you, you’ve come to the right place!

Current Station

Canton of Uri

Completed stations:

Uri, Basel-Stadt, Neuenburg, Freiburg, Bern & Waadt, Zug, Zürich,
Federal Elections 2023

Just imagine: During elections, you have the information and tools you need to choose your candidates in no time at all. After the elections, you can easily stay up to date on who has been elected and how the elected people are performing in office – and it’s all child’s play. OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DREAM! Wouldn’t it be great if someone actually developed this…


That’s what we’re doing right now! HAH!

In October 2023, the CH+App and DOPE Elections could be used throughout Switzerland for the first time. We are currently developing new functions that show what elected people do in office.

We are on it!

Current stop:

Canton of Uri 🎉

After 4 years and a journey through Switzerland, we are back in the home canton of PROJEKT CH+.

We wish you every success with your decision and look forward to your participation in our research.

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