Democracy. Difficult, but pretty epic.

In PROJEKT CH+ we are convinced that in a democracy, everyone benefits when as many people as possible think, vote and elect. Therefore we want to make political self-education more inviting. If this sounds good to you, you’ve come to the right place!

We are developing an election aid!

Young and straightforward.

CH+ Election Aid

Jointly developed, continuously improved.



Democracy lives! And you are part of it.



No election aid has ever fallen from the sky!



We got it going on. Anything else?


Join the fun!

This way for democracy, games and experiments.


Shaping the Future Together


In Projekt CH+ we use the same theories you know from Instagram, Tinder, Candy Crush or Cookie Clicker, to make political self-education more inviting. Our election aid presents political information in an interactive, intuitive way.

Approved Content

We work with political partners to ensure that the information in our election aid is of high quality. Projekt CH+ focuses on the playful communication of existing information. The political content in our election aid is therefore made available to us by our partners. Our most important partner is smartvote.


An election aid deserves a democratic development process. To ensure that our election aid is neutral, user-friendly and helpful, we make our development process interactive. There are always polls and small votes where you can help shape the electoral aid. Digitalisation brings many opportunities, but also challenges. These are best mastered together.

Better with Every Election!

The CH+ Election Aid is being developed at the cantonal level from election to election. After the first test run in the canton of Uri, we are now on the road in Basel-Stadt.

Switzerland has 4 languages. While we think that is really cool, we don't have the capacity to translate our website into all of them. For this reason, we focus on providing an English translation. We thank you for understanding.

Would you be willing and able to help us translate to French, Italian or Romansh? Shoot us a message to laughing

The different kind of election aid. Ready to help shape the politics of tomorrow?

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