On 25 May, we started the project round in the canton of Zug. Together with two classes from the Bar schools, we thought about the latest functions of the CH+App and DOPE Elections.

The starting point for the two workshops was the knowledge we gained during the project round in the canton of Bern with doctoral students from UNIL | Université de Lausanne and students from the Hoschschule der Künste Bern. At the Bern workshop, it turned out that many participants not only had difficulties during the election process, but also had some questions about the basic structure of Swiss democracy.

Accordingly, in the Canton of Zug we decided to integrate functions on the structure of the Swiss system. As a first step, we are testing concepts to teach the separation of powers and the basic tasks of the individual powers. During the workshops, the students were able to describe and draw their ideas for new functionalities.

What came out of it?
The latest versions of the CH+App and DOPE Elections are now available for download in the App Stores.