The time has come! We have developed two voting apps for the elections in Fribourg: With the CH+App and Dope Elections you can easily get to know and compare your candidates.

Yep, even as young people, we can help shape our future. This works especially the case when we elect people who stand up for things that are important to us. Big fat election envelopes are part of it, but in the decision-making process not everything has to happen on paper or in 500 open browser tabs. Our election tools CH+App and Dope Elections are now in the App and Play Stores. :grin:

The CH+App

Ooh lala, who is sliding into your Dream Teams? With the CH+App you can create your electoral lists in no time at all.

DOPE Elections

With DOPE Elections, things get spectacular! The candidates are in a Race Royale, competing for your favour. Who will win? Well, that’s up to you!

Riiiight, but what else is up?

PROJEKT CH+ is a research-based, collaborative project where we are testing game mechanics to make political self-education more inviting. Ultimately, we want to support people in creating their electoral lists in a simple, informed and intuitive way. Until the federal elections, we will continue to develop our concepts on a cantonal level – together with you!

In project rounds in Uri, Basel-Stadt and Neuchâtel, we have developed two prototypes: the usability-focused CH+App and the entertainment-focused DOPE Elections App. In the current project round in Fribourg, we would like to compare the two apps. Our goal is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the two approaches and to initiate a discussion about usability and gamification in civic education. It is no secret that digitalisation is in full swing. It is up to us what we make of it.

We receive support from smartvote, the Gebert Rüf Foundation, the Prototype Fund Switzerland (Mercator Foundation Switzerland) and E-Government Switzerland.

What’s next?

We are relying on co-design: you can help shape the CH+voting aids by participating in surveys. The CH+ voting aids will be further developed at the cantonal level from election to election.

In order for us to be able to respond to your wishes, it is important that the test versions of our CH+ voting aids are used and evaluated after the elections.  With this in mind, right this way to register for the final feedback surveys: