Let’s kick off 2021 with a good amount of reading! At the end of 2020, the research report “Projekt CH+ Games for Democracy. User-Friendly Political Self-Education through Entertainment Design” was published in the gamevironments trade magazine. The report, explains the beginnings of Projekt CH+ during the 2019 Swiss federal elections and describes the evaluation of the research results after the first test run of the prototype in the canton of Uri. In the report, author and project leader Sophie Walker explains the scientific theories on which Projekt CH+ is based. Where are the dangers and where is the potential of playful motivation for more political self-education and reflection?

The research report appeared in the special issue „Democracy Dies Playfully. (Anti-)Democratic Ideas in and Around Video Games“. Even if this title unfortunately seems to be red-hot in the face of the latest developments in the world and especially in the USA, we in Projekt CH+ are convinced that games can make a great contribution to strengthening and maintaining our democracy – if we want them to.

And we do.


Eugen Pfister, Tobias Winnerling und Felix Zimmermann


Image: Untitled. © Collage by Felix Zimmermann. Photos by cottonbro, Pexels, and Fred Moon, Unsplash.